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Advice From East Coast VC’s…What can an entrepreneur say in an investor meeting that instantly marks them as an amateur?

Interesting article with some great advice for all the entrepenures out there. More @ What can an entrepreneur say in an investor meeting that instantly marks them as an amateur?

My Highlights:
Larry Bohn, General Catalyst Partners – Saying they are completely unique, and that there is no competition. Groan.
Elon Boms, Launch Capital – Paying to pitch [at a conference or investor gathering.] I HATE those types of events.
Dina Routhier, Massachusetts Technology Development Corp. – I think the most common thing that pegs an entrepreneur as an amateur is when they come in and immediately start talking about their amazing new technology, and forget to start the discussion with, “What big problem in the market am I trying to solve?” If they don’t start with the problem, then I know they are green.
Ajay Agarwal, Bain Capital Ventures – Good entrepreneurs can always find a warm intro to a VC.
Chris Sheehan, CommonAngels – Entrepreneurs shouldn’t overly use buzzwords to describe the business.
Paul Maeder, Highland Capital Partners – Projections labeled YR1 and YR2 instead of 2011 2012. If you aren’t convinced of when it will happen, please don’t ask me to join.
Bill Warner, Co-Flow Investing – Sending out the message that they know everything, as opposed to having stuff to learn. The thing I’m most looking for is people who are thirsty to be learning.
Lee Hower, NextView Ventures – Asking [me to sign an] NDA is probably the most common.

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