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Advice From East Coast VC’s…What can an entrepreneur say in an investor meeting that instantly marks them as an amateur?

Interesting article with some great advice for all the entrepenures out there. More @ What can an entrepreneur say in an investor meeting that instantly marks them as an amateur?

My Highlights:
Larry Bohn, General Catalyst Partners – Saying they are completely unique, and that there is no competition. Groan.
Elon Boms, Launch Capital – Paying to pitch [at a conference or investor gathering.] I HATE those types of events.
Dina Routhier, Massachusetts Technology Development Corp. – I think the most common thing that pegs an entrepreneur as an amateur is when they come in and immediately start talking about their amazing new technology, and forget to start the discussion with, “What big problem in the market am I trying to solve?” If they don’t start with the problem, then I know they are green.
Ajay Agarwal, Bain Capital Ventures – Good entrepreneurs can always find a warm intro to a VC.
Chris Sheehan, CommonAngels – Entrepreneurs shouldn’t overly use buzzwords to describe the business.
Paul Maeder, Highland Capital Partners – Projections labeled YR1 and YR2 instead of 2011 2012. If you aren’t convinced of when it will happen, please don’t ask me to join.
Bill Warner, Co-Flow Investing – Sending out the message that they know everything, as opposed to having stuff to learn. The thing I’m most looking for is people who are thirsty to be learning.
Lee Hower, NextView Ventures – Asking [me to sign an] NDA is probably the most common.

Internal SEO: Critical to your Business Success!

Most people know the basics of external search engine optimization (SEO): back
linking, time online, not exchanging links, etc. But most business owners don’t
know that there are a variety of techniques that you can use to optimize your site
for the web-crawlers that are used by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Ask.
This type of optimization is called Internal SEO. Here are three things to make sure
you’re doing on your site to optimize your results from search engines:

Use a title tag
Your title tag should have your website name and a tagline with keywords specific
to the page they describe. This means that different pages on your site will have
different title tags, to optimize searchability of the page. If you can, try to put the
keywords at the front of the title. Web crawlers give higher weight to the words at
the front of the title.

Make use of alt attributes
When you put an image on your website, a web crawler does not have the ability
to “see” it. Instead, the crawler will read the “alt attribute” text that you use to
describe the image. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t do this and therefore
are ranked lower on search engines than they should be.

Internal Linking
If your site has a lot of content and pages (like most sites do), internal linking can
help you almost as much as external links (incoming links from external pages).
Make sure that you link all of your pages (in a logical manner) and that you link to
your home page on every page.

Upaya Services now offers SEO. Please contact us if you are interested in putting
your site at the top of Google. Stay tuned for more tips to help your business build
its online brand. Thanks for reading!

Neil Soni
Social Media Manager
Upaya Services

A few interesting threads.

The best way to build digital relationships – http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/28658.asp. Nothing new here – but laid out very nicely. Social Media is about adjusting the frequency and volume of your noise (social media channels). The challenge is how can businesses deliver targeted real content to interested people.

Best Time To Send Email – http://www.dmnews.com/rethink-morning-e-mail/article/199482/?DCMP=EMC-DMN_EmailMktingWkly
Open rates peak between 11:30 am and 2 pm during the week, but it trends later for the weekend with peak open times beginning at 11:30 am but not reaching their height until about 4 pm. The analysis aggregates times across US time zones to factor in the three-hour spread from the West to East Coasts.

“What makes a good social media strategist?”

“What makes a good social media strategist?” A good Social Media Strategist is one who listens first and then designs and implements a custom social media strategy for your business, its personality, and brand. A good Social Media Strategist knows which technologies are best suited for results (sometimes less is more!). Once a strategy is implemented, they continue to listen throughout the campaign and improve, rebuild, and repeat. It is the ability to finely tune strategies on a case by case basis that makes a great social media strategist.

I am a social media marketing strategist and Facebook business coach that specializes in developing and implementing social media site development, social media analysis, and social media strategy. I work closely with you to develop social media solutions that engage users, promote your brand, and increase sales.

Let’s start with Facebook. A Facebook business page increases your referral and relationship marketing reach. When a customer leaves a comment or asks a question on your website, who sees it? On Facebook all of your fans see it and it has the potential to reach all of your fans’ friends. It’s this “social reach ability” that allows a single interaction to reach thousands of relevant people in real time. Every time you post information on your wall (promotions, news, specials, tips or hints, events, +++), these posts are broadcast to your fans, and when your fans comment, share, or “like” the post, all of their friends see the post! This is SOCIAL REACH ABILTY!

My company, UPAYA SERVICES, creates customized social media campaigns for small and med size businesses (SMBs). Our SKILLFUL SOCIAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS are designed for you. We customize the scope, aesthetic, content, and campaign to fit your needs. Our social media marketing captures attention, fosters interest, and showcases your products and services in unique and dynamic ways. Our custom business pages are cost-effective, enrich your online presence, and increase visibility and relevance.

Give me a call to setup a meeting to discuss how I can help your business integrate emerging social media strategies and tools. I provide general consults, design and implementation, DIY help and training, or something in between. I will work with you to customize the scope of my services.

UPAYA guarantees results and your complete satisfaction!

Ben Simon-Thomas

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PS What does not make a good Social Media Strategist? People who call themselves “Social Media Gurus”. Like anyone calling themselves a guru, beware!


Non-zero-sum gains describe the situation where two or more parties can win by cooperating in some way.

  • Non-zero-sum gains are those in which one person’s benefit does not come at the expense of another. In zero-sum situations, one person must lose in order that another can win. Non-zero-sum situations exist where the supply of a resource is not fixed or limited. It is a case of building a resource rather than dividing it between players. (Wikipedia)
    • Robert Wright’s Non-Zero examines the evolution of socio-economic structures. He posits that the structures of economics, communities, cultures, and countries have synergistically evolved through the creation of non-zero sum gains. Gains in which multiple parties benefited one another.
    • By promoting reliance and interrelatedness, these structures have evolved to create a network of mutual interrelatedness.
  • Similarly, the business world is a network of interdependence. While, some prefer a business model based on conflict and competition, Upaya Services encourages its clients to achieve their objective through the promotion of synergies and recognition of our mutual interrelatedness.
    • Through our own experiences, we realize that decisions born out of synergies and based on win-win outcomes promote success and desired outcomes, as well as the perpetuation of long-term relationships.
      • The more complex societies get and the more complex the networks of interdependence within and beyond community and national borders get, the more people are forced in their own interests to find non-zero-sum solutions. That is, win-win solutions instead of win-lose solutions…. Because we find as our interdependence increases that, on the whole, we do better when other people do better as well – so we have to find ways that we can all win, we have to accommodate each other – Bill Clinton, Wired interview, December 2000.
    • Throughout the history of society, the societies that prospered were the ones that promoted and encouraged the exchange of ideas, trade, language, etc. These societies innovated but applying new ideas to their own and in the process, created something better. The societies that failed or at least failed to prosper were ones that discouraged or limited the exchange of ideas. These societies failed to innovate and as a result, failed to thrive or continue to exist.
    • What does your business do? Is it part of a larger network of interdependent systems? Is it integral to the success of this network? Our business-society is global, the most successful business are the ones that position themselves as an integral component of the larger network of interdependent systems.
    • By creating synergistic relationships, we promote interdependency; where all parties benefit and gain, and where the end result affects the potential and promise of future relationships.
    • Innovation is a result of making existing models or technologies better – “making changes to something established”. One way to maximize one’s position is to redefine business relationships to promote synergistic plurality.
  • We promote “non-zero-sum” solutions where all parties gain.
    • According to Robert Wright who explores the concept of “non-zero-sum” gains states that the impetus behind life’s basic direction: the impetus that, via biological evolution, created complex, intelligent animals; and then, via cultural evolution, pushed the human species toward deeper and vaster social complexity, is shared plurality. Societies prosper because ideas are shared.

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UPAYA’S UNIVERSE – We aspire to create a better and more conscious world.  From our Buddhist inspired business consulting that promotes long-term relationships and focuses on the needs of local markets, to video games that educate and entertain, to mobile apps that promote our greater good, to the many forms of our hyper local outreach – we believe in creating a world that appreciates and values our interconnectedness.

BUSINESS CONSULTING – Upaya Services provides simple, creative, and effective advice on how to improve your business, its delivery of products and services, and its position in the market place.  From marketing strategy to project management to event planning to database development – we can help you!

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HYPER LOCAL OUTREACH – Hybrid marketing that combines local focus with existing technology to maximize your marketing efforts and build long term relationships with the communities that you serve.

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POP-UPS – Temporary retail expressions that “pop up”, create an experience for your audience and disappear (when they are finished).  They offer spontaneity, distinctiveness and local focus!  For businesses looking to add a bit of ‘cool’ and agility to their fixed locations and reach new clients – we offer the POP-UP.

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RITUAL RESOURCES – Ritual Resources endeavors to become the source for inspirational ritual and provide you with resources for creating relevant and positive modern rituals in your life. We can help you build the perfect ritual for any occasion.

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