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Kickstarter: A New Platform for Company Branding?

Kickstarter has been in the spotlight recently; thanks to its effectiveness in helping “small players” raise money to pursue their dreams. Today, we’re going to quickly examine if Kickstarter can be used as an effective platform for company branding.

The Most Important Factor = Creativity!

In 2011 alone, there were over 25,000 projects launched on Kickstarter. In this type of environment, there are a lot of projects competing for donors. To be successful on Kickstarter, you absolutely need to stand out. There are many ways to do this. According to this New Media Rockstars article, a graphic novelist rewarded his backers by including them in his latest comic book. It was a successful way of getting the project noticed and funded, but from a branding perspective, it was a brilliant move. Those individuals that are part of the comic book are now fans for life.

Actionable Goals for Your Audience

Too often with start-up companies, people support the concept and team but feel helpless with how to play a part in their journey. With Kickstarter, that problem is solved. In our experience, we’ve seen support for start-ups stagnate after the initial interest phase, simply because there is no finished product that the “fan” can enjoy. Kickstarter gives supporters a feeling of being an integral part of building the product, which will make them invested in the company’s success. From a branding perspective, this is fantastic because it helps increase your early adopters and evangelists, who are pivotal in your success or failure (Ex. Apple fanatics).


Overall, Kickstarter is an effective source of small fundraising and branding. It is a great way to get evangelists on board and increase the excitement level surrounding your company. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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