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LinkedIn Marketing: Quick and Easy Tips

Due to the rapid growth of LinkedIn and its usefulness in generating leads (primarily for
B2B companies), I’ve been spending more time on learning how to market more effectively
through LinkedIn. Since most business owners don’t have much time to spend on secondary
social media sites, I will share 5 quick tips that anyone can do if they take 30 minutes of
their day. Aren’t additional leads worth working through lunch? I would think so. Anyway,
here are the tips:

1. Customize your LinkedIn URL
*Go to Edit Profile and click Edit next to the public profile link to customize the URL
*Try to create a URL that is related to your business. For example, a plumber may use www.linkedin.com/JoeThePlumber.
2. Make sure your profile is complete
*While this may seem obvious, you would be surprised by the amount of business owners that don’t do this. *Since people may look for you on LinkedIn before you meet them for a sales call, having a strong LinkedIn profile can get you started on the right foot with potential clients.
3. Connect Twitter with your LinkedIn account
*By doing this easy step, you raise awareness of your Twitter account, thus gaining followers. But more importantly, your LinkedIn network will see your company’s Twitter updates and thus become more aware of your products and services.
4. Join Groups!
*When you join a group, you can participate in discussions, connect with, and interact with others in that group. By taking a few minutes each week, you can become an involved member of the group and thus, an “influencer”. Once others in the group respect you, this influence can be used to offer your services to potential clients.
5. Download the LinkedIn Mobile App
*Imagine you just met a potential client. Or you just met someone at a conference. You used to have to get their business card but now there is a much simpler way to connect. Simply download the LinkedIn app. If they have it too, all you have to do is open the app and then bump your phones together. You will automatically be connected. Now isn’t that easier than storing 10,000 business cards?

That’s it for today but I’ll be back soon with some more great and easy ways to incorporate
social media into your business. Remember, Upaya Services is always here to serve your
social media needs so just shoot us an email if you need some help.

Until next time,

Neil Soni

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