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Numbers Don’t Lie…Or Do They?

Happy Monday everyone! Since it’s a Monday and its snowing outside (at least where I am – Maryland), I’m in the mood to take a moment to talk about a trend in social media, particularly Facebook, that is a little disturbing to me. This trend is the emphasis on the number of Likes on a Facebook page.

Everyone these days seems obsessed with getting to 1,000, 10,000 or some predetermined number of Likes on their Facebook page. In itself, this motivation is not a bad thing. A large number of Likes indicates a thriving community of “fans”. The more Likes, the larger your reach (in theory).

The problem comes when people start trying to use shortcuts to attain a high number of Likes on their page. Luckily, with the new Facebook Insights (detailed Insights blog post coming next week), it has become easier to see that shortcuts don’t result in any net benefits to your business.

The particular shortcut I am referring to is the use of “Robots” to increase Likes on a page. These Robots will Like your page (to vastly increase the overall number of Likes) but then don’t give you any benefit since they are not customers, users, or otherwise engaged fans.

Below are 2 Insight screenshots. Take a look and see for yourself which company is doing a better job of Facebook marketing:

Company 1 (3010 Total Likes):

Company 1 Insights

Company 2 (1028 Total Likes):

Company 2 Insights


If you answered that Company 2 was doing a better job at Facebook Marketing, you are 100% correct. With the new Insights, the key metric to pay attention to is “Weekly Total Reach”. This metric means the number of people who saw your updates on their Newsfeed during the particular time period. When people see your updates and posts, it increases brand awareness and drives customer loyalty and sales.

From these Insights, it is very obvious that Company 1 has resorted to using Robots. Despite having nearly 3 times as many total Likes as Company 2, Company 1 has about one fifth the Weekly Total Reach. They were only able to reach 5.4% of their community. This, for lack of a better word, is pathetic. In contrast, Company 2 is engaged in organic growth and was able to reach 58.6% of their community this past week.

I haven’t even gotten to the fact that Robots are against Facebook’s policy and can get your account suspended. So, to sum it up, Robots don’t improve your social media and they can get your account suspended. Oh, and you have to pay a company that specializes in Robots to Like your page.

Its a LOSE, LOSE, LOSE situation! A better solution is to focus on good old fashioned content to engage your existing community and promote organic growth. If you absolutely must increase Likes, a good way to do it is through Facebook ads, which can be targeted to the appropriate audience and are very efficient. Be honest and SKILLFUL with your Facebook marketing and the sky is the limit!

Have your own comments, questions, or ideas about Facebook, Robots, the weather, or anything else? Comment below and we’ll get back to you!


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