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Our Philosophy

Effective marketing begins with a good story. At Upaya Services we help you craft the content that makes your stories come to life. We help you activate the best channels to reach your audiences with narratives that capture attention (3-6 words is all you have) and activate engagement (likes-shares-comments).

Skillful social media is the ability to craft messaging that elicits engagement. Your messaging needs to capture and focus attention so that readers connect with the content. Upaya Services is skillful social media. We create successful marketing campaigns through excellent design, strategy and content. We supply the content that showcases your unique social media voice. Most important, we help you become your own social media expert in the process.

If you want a little more color? I thought you might like to know how friends would describe me:

“Ben Simon-Thomas? CRAZY!” Most of my friends agree that I think BIG, am very playful, social, and optimistic even in adversity. My friends would describe my ideas, inspirations and solutions as complex, multidimensional, and creative. “You want a scavenger hunt with prizes from local sponsors, a dunk tank, a jumpy castle, an obstacle course, and a 300 cupcakes frosted in the shape of dragon by the day after tomorrow?” I say “YES!” And the next year when I say, “How about a simultaneous 6 city scavenger hunt that we make into a movie?”, everyone knows that if anyone can do it, Ben Simon-Thomas can.

Best thing is… I bring the same passion to whatever I do! Start ups, work with clients, and creating change!

I have been running productive and profitable business operations for the past twenty years. I have valuable expertise in creating remarkable marketing campaigns, building professional relationships, systems organization and integration, and creating synergies that make operations run smoothly and effectively. I value an integral vision as a guiding force but appreciate that implementation requires meticulous attention to detail. I am passionate about what I do and how I do it, and guarantee results.

From business development to client relations and to innovative marketing programs, I have been personally responsible for all facets of running and growing a successful business enterprise. I know what it takes to succeed.

Specialties: consulting, management, operations, recruiting and team building, start-ups, social media, narrative based marketing, marketing, business development, client acquisition, video game development, edutainment, advertorials, hyper local, popups, and more.

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