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Social Media: Reap the Rewards and Avoid the Risks

I was reading an article in Forbes earlier today about the management of social media risk (for those interested, here’s the link: Forbes on Social Media Management). It was pretty insightful on the potential risks that companies can encounter with social media and the methods currently available to counter those risks. These risks can be especially devastating for companies in highly regulated sectors such as health care, finance, or insurance. The article discusses social media management systems that can help mitigate these risks. Here are  three tips to use to minimize your company’s social media risk:

  • Have a second person review all posts. This is a good idea for all external communication, not just social media
  • Monitor social media sentiment. This can be done the “old school” way by simply searching for and reading what people write about you. However, for larger businesses this might not be possible so using a platform like SocialVolt would be helpful
  • Plan your posts in advance. This gives you time to reflect and determine if you want to edit your post for any reason, including controversy or improvement.

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