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Twitter Marketing: Driving traffic or only engaging customers and followers?

When people think of Twitter, they often think of it as solely a great method to
engage their existing customer and fan base. At best, business owners on Twitter
hope that they can gain new fans through their existing fan base by engagement
in “Retweets” or “Mentions”. However, I’m here to tell you that Twitter can be used
as a way to drive significant traffic and business opportunities to your site. Here are
our Top 3 tips to use for driving traffic to your site through Twitter:

1. Think of Twitter as an advertising platform. Your “followers” are the base
number of users you can directly advertise to. The “influence” of your
followers is important as well, because if they interact with you at all, their
followers will see your page and potentially follow you. For this reason, you
need to focus on increasing your number of followers. This can be done by
following relevant users and telling your existing customer base to follow
you on Twitter.
2. Use Links to get engagement on your page from your followers. Sending out
interesting links will result in retweets and increased mentions.
3. Engage with influencers in your business sector! When you engage with
these users, their followers will notice and be more inclined to follow you.

That’s it for now! We would love to help you build your Twitter following and
strategy. Feel free to email neilsoni[@]upayaservices.com if you have any Twitter

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