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Twitter: Using Mentions and Retweets to GET NOTICED!

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve made a Twitter account, followed some people, tweeted a few times, and are still waiting for the magic “Twitter effect”, which should be a nice bump in web traffic. Furthermore, your number of followers is stuck at somewhere less than 100. What are you doing wrong?


First, its important to understand one major factor in marketing: The key is to get your name OUT THERE as much as possible! Twitter gives you a couple ways to do that.


The easiest way is to reply to the people you follow. For example, if you see someone you’re following talking about a topic in your industry, you should definitely reply to them. Taking this one step further, spend 15 minutes each day searching Twitter for topics relevant to your industry and respond to users who are asking questions. This is a great way to gain a Twitter following and overall, improve your brand image.


Another way to gain a following is to tweet highly relevant and interesting content that your followers will “retweet”. Retweeting results in higher exposure to a variety of new audiences because your followers will be broadcasting your content to all of their followers. This can increase your follower count as well as raise brand awareness.


While its easy to read suggestions and put them away in the back of your mind, by far the most important aspect of Twitter marketing is consistency! You need to spend a minimum of 15 minutes Tweeting everyday. If you have a smart phone, its easy to get this done by Tweeting from your phone.


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