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Upaya’s Social Media Marketing Solutions

In today’s business climate, every company needs a carefully crafted social strategy to integrate into its marketing program. Social media campaigns can be formulaic, or they can be excellent. Excellent campaigns are designed and executed with a solid knowledge of a company’s mission, its goals, and a clear understanding of who comprises its target audience and what that audience wants to see. At Upaya, it is this understanding that produce winning strategies with long term results. Our analysis and recommendations are tailored to meet your unique goals and provide insight into current trends, challenges, and opportunities.

We build social media campaigns by offering three categories of services:
Outreach: We work with you to identify your target audience. This step is critical in crafting authentic messages delivered with the right tone, to the right people and at the right time.
Content Development: At Upaya, our primary objective is to create and source content that compels cohesion around your products and services and, most important, your brand. We know that your growth and success depend not only upon your story but on how it is told. We invite people to hear your story and excite them to participate with content that matters.
Community Management: After building your social media infrastructure, we provide you with the tools, resources and training to maintain it in house, so you can grow and manage your community in ways that don’t impair your efficiency, but enhance it.

By integrating all elements/channels of your social media outreach/strategy, you create an economy of scale and offer a streamlined social media presence that promotes continuity and cohesion. Most importantly, your outreach reflects your unique brand and your social personality. We offer a dynamic and novel approach to social media: strategic insights, custom solutions, and a social media education. We provide general consults, design and implementation, do-it-yourself help and training, or something in between. We guarantee your satisfaction!


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